Biochemistry Notes For 1st Year MBBS Students

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Biochemistry Notes for 1st Year MBBS Students

. Biochemistry of Proteins

. Carbohydrate Metabolism


. Vitamin A


. Pyrimidine metabolism

. Purine Metabolism

. Cardiac Biomarkers

. Blood Metabolism (Heme synthesis and breakdown)

. Haemoglobinopathies

. DNA Repair

. Regulation of gene expression

. DNA Replication

. Transcription

. Protein synthesis and genetic code

. Detoxification (Xenobiotics)

. Liver Function Test

. Transamination Deamination & Urea Cycle


. Hydroxy amino acids

. ACIDIC AMINO ACIDS (Aspartate and Glutamate)

. Inborn Error Of Phenyl alanine, Tyrosine Metabolism

. Electron Transport Chain & Biological Oxidation


. Biochemistry Of Sodium, Potassium & Chloride

. Congenital Kidney Diseases

. Glucose Estimation

. Cancer

. Triacylglycerol And Adipose tissue Metabolism


Biochemistry also known as biological chemistry is the study of the various chemical processes which occur within the human body. It is sub-divided into Structural Biochemistry, enzymology & Metabolism. In the last few decades Biochemistry has successfully explained living processes with the help of these 3 disciplines. Biochemical Methodology & Research has helped advance life sciences in almost all the fields.

Biochemical processes are a set of complex reactions which derive the body towards homeostasis.

It focuses on studying the chemical basis of biological molecules which give rise to the reactions occurring within the cells and in between the cells, this in turn relates to the understanding of tissues and organs, as well as to the structure of the organism and its functions.

Biochemistry is also related to molecular biology, which is the detailed study of the molecular mechanism of Biological phenomena.

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