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Hepatobilliary System – II (HCV)

Introduction to Hepatitis (HCV) Causes of Viral Hepatitis Infectious monomucleosis Cytomegalovirous Infection Yellow fever A group of viruses having a particular affinity for the liver. Hepatitis A(Infectius Hepatitis) Single standard RNA picorna virous –   hepatoviyus, Transmission-feco-oral, endermic in countries with poor sanitation. IP-2-3 weeks in before and one week after Non present insaliva, urine …

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Introduction to Angina Symptom complex caused by transient myocardial ischemia and constitutes a “clinical syndrome’ rather than a disease. The term derives from the Latin angina (“infection of the throat’) from the Greek ankhoné (“strangling’), and the Latin pectus (“chest”), and can therefore be translated as “astrangling feeling in the chest’. intermittent chest paincaused by …

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