Forensic Medicine Notes

Download Forensic Medicine Notes For 2nd Year Students

Forensic Medicine Notes

. Mechanical Injury

. Burns & Scalds

. Agricultural Poisons (Organophosphates)

. Strangulation

. Starvation



. Mechanical Asphyxia – III (Drowning)

. Forensic Psychiatry

. Forensic Psychiatry II

. Impotence & Sterility

. Snake Bite

. Virginity



. Sexual Offences

. Identification By Trace elements

. Spinal & Peripheral Nerve Poisons

. Opium & its Derivatives


. Cardiac Poisons

Forensic Science also called Criminalistics, it is application of Science to criminal & civil laws on the criminals in criminal investigations by the legal standards of admissible evidence & criminal procedures.

Forensic investigators collect, preserve & analyse evidence during the course of an investigations. These are 2 types of Forensic investigators, The 1st ones are the ones who collect samples from the crimes scene and the 2nd ones are the ones who perform analysis on the samples collected from the crime scene. 

Forensic Scientists can testify as expert witness in criminal & civil cases, and accordingly work for the prosecution to the defence.

Toxicology is the branch of science that deals with the study of adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms, exposure to toxic substances and Treatment for Toxins, it comprises of a combination of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacology & Medicine. 

Factors that effect the Toxicity of a substance are :-

  • Dose
  • Duration of Exposure to the toxin 
  • ole of Exposure 
  • Species 
  • Age 
  • Sex
  • Environment

Toxicologists are individuals who expertise on poisons & poisoning.

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