Notes For MBBS Students

 Notes For MBBS Students

Tips For Students :-

Although every year of Medical college matters, but the 1st year in particular is very important to the student as it helps them figure out the basic hurdles they have to face, introduces them to the basis terminologies used in medicine, tests theirs pre-existing knowledge & enables them to develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals.

The 1st year in particular can be very Exhausting & can be a bit intimidating due to the various new subjects and concepts. this can cause fear in the students.

All 3 subjects have to be dealt with a different approach like :-

-> Anatomy – For anatomy Diagrams are very important and they must be practised multiple time for better understanding and memory.

-While attempting for your exams, class test or Part completion tests start by drawing the diagrams first and then writing the relevant information regarding the topics and end your answers with the clinical correlation. This leaves a better impression on the Examiner    

-> Physiology – for physiology Flowcharts are important start your answers with flowcharts followed by relevant information try adding diagrams wherever possible

-> Biochemistry – It can be a bit tricky as many students face problems in writing the answers so for this particular problem, i would recommend you to fill the answer sheet with all the info that you have write the same thing by changing it into active and passive.

Ideally, You should study for at least 6 hours a day for your 1st year, this will help you ace in all your tests and exams. In total there are 5 subjects and it depends on your proficiency to dedicate time to each of them. :- 

-Attention span differs from person to person so work your way around it.

-Keep your preparation time short and crisp.

-Divide your 6 hours according to yourself focusing on the subjects that you feel less confident.

And relax these 5 years will turn out to be the most memorable part of your lives.

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