Pathology Notes

Download Pathology Notes For 2nd Year Students

Pathology Notes



. Pathophysiology of Renal Disease: Renal Failure

. Leukemia : (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

. Gastro Intestinal Tract – I (Esophagus & Tongue)

. Gastro Intestinal Tract – II (Gastritis & Peptic ulcer)

. Gastrointestinal Tract – III (Small Intestine)

. GIT – IV (Pathology of Large Intestine)

. Lymphoma

. Pathology Of Breast

. Breast Carcinoma

. Pathology of Uterus

. Pathology of Cervix

. Pathology Of Ovarian Tumor

. Male Genital Tract (Prostate)

. Male Genital System (Testis)

. Hepatobilliary System – I

. Hepatobilliary System – II (HCV)

. Liver Function Test (Hepatobiliary – III)

. Hepatic Tumors (Hepatobiliary – IV)

. Bone & Joint

. Thyroid Gland (Endocrine – I)

. Endocrine – II (Graves Disease)

. Endocrine III (Diabetes Mellitus)

. Complications of Diabetes

. Blood Banking and Transfusion – I

. Blood Banking and Transfusion – II

. Autologous Blood Transfusion

. Respiratory Pathology – I

. Respiratory Pathology – II

. Respiratory Pathology – III

. GIT Practical

. Physical & Microscopic Examination of Urine

. Chemical Examination of Urine

Pathology is the branch of science which deals with the study of causes & effects of various diseases or injuries with respect to the human body. In general Pathology also refers to the study of diseases.

It incorporates a wide range of research fields and medical practices. 

General Pathology includes medical specialities that diagnose diseases by analysing the tissue, cells and body fluid samples.A trained individual practicing Pathology is called a Pathologist.

Pathology Mainly addresses the major components of a disease :- 

  • Cause of disease
  • Mechanism of Development of the disease (Pathogenesis)
  • Morphological changes ( Structural changes in the cells) 
  • Clinical Manifestations (Consequences of the changes to the cells) 

In Medical Practice Pathology is usually concerned with analysing the clinical abnormalities by examining the markers and precursors of infectious and non-infectious diseases. 

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