Surgery Notes

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Surgery Notes

. History Taking in Surgery

. Plastic Surgery

. Cysts ,Swelling ,Sinus and Fistula

. Systemic Response to Injury

Surgery is the Medical specialization of using instrumental technique and operative procedures performed on a person to investigate or for the treatment of a disease or a pathological condition to improve body function, appearance or repair unwanted ruptured tissue.

Surgical procedure or operations is the act of performing surgery. A surgery can be performed on a person or an animal. A surgeon is the person who practices and performs surgery. A surgical procedure can last from a few minutes to hours. It is an invasive technique with principle of physical intervention on organs, organ system or tissues for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.

  • Types of Surgery :-
    • According to Time :
      1. Elective surgery
      2. Semi-elective surgery
      3. Emergency surgery
    • According to purpose :
      1. Exploratory Surgery
      2. Cosmetic Surgery
    • According to type of procedure :
      1. Amputation
      2. Reconstructive Surgery
      3. Transplant
    • According to Degree of invasiveness :
      1. Minimally-invasive Surgery
      2. Laparoscopic Surgery or Angioplasty
      3. Open surgical Procedure
    • According to Equipment used :
      1. Laser surgery
      2. microsurgery
      3. Robotic Surgery
  • Terminology used for Surgery
    • -ectomy Suffix is used for the processes that involve complete removal of the organ
    • -otomy Suffix is used for the processes that involve cutting into an organ or tissue. e.g. laparotomy (Cutting through abdominal wall to access the abdominal cavity)
    • -oscopy Suffix is used for the processes in which an endoscope is inserted through a small incision by minimally invasive procedures. e.g. Laparoscopy
    • -ostomy Suffix is used for procedures that result in the formation of a permanent or semi-permanent opening called Stoma.
    • -opasty Suffix is used for reconstruction, plastic or cosmetic surgery of a body part with Prefix being the name of the body part. e.g. Rhinoplasty (Rhino is prefix used for nose)
    • -rraphy Suffix is used Repair of damaged and congenitally abnormal structure.

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